Safeguard and preserve the lives and property of the people of North Carolina through prevention, protection and preparation with integrity and honor.

Our Goals:


We are the model for preventing and reducing crime.


North Carolina is safe for living, working and visiting.


We are leaders in public safety readiness, communication and coordination.


We excel in every facet of our work – Law Enforcement, Emergency Management, National Guard, Adult Correction and Juvenile Justice and Administrative Services.


We will value each other like family.


To provide the finest safety and security services for all North Carolinians


Our Values:


Consistently demonstrates a strong commitment to providing state employees with a safe and healthy workplace.

Ethics and Integrity

Being forthright and honest in our work and interactions with colleagues and clients. Honoring our word, commitments, and obligations in all interactions with each other and with clients.

Customer Service

Consistently demonstrates a strong commitment to providing value added services to external and internal customers.

Competence and Expertise

Is trusted and recognized as a source for credible, reliable information about business policies, procedures and practices. Exhibits knowledge and understanding of emerging issues, trends, and developments based on research, program evaluation, and modeling of best practices .

Diversity and Inclusion

Demonstrates an open-minded approach to understanding people, regardless of their gender, age, race, national origin, religion, ethnicity, disability status or other characteristics; treats all people fairly and consistently and with dignity and respect; effectively builds an inclusive work environment, where everyone feels welcomed and valued.


Demonstrates a commitment to delivering on his/her public duty and presenting oneself as a credible representative of the agency and state, to maintain the public's trust.

Organizational Effectiveness and Efficiency

Effectively plans, prioritizes, organizes, and aligns human, financial, material, and information resources to meet work unit and organizational goals. Efficiently deploys resources when, where, and how they are needed. Communicates expectations clearly, provides performance-based feedback and coaching, and consistently measures progress. Deals effectively with performance problems.

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