WE CARE: Employee Resources

All Staff
Free training, resources and information is available through the Employee Assistance Program, at no cost to employees. 
Managers and Supervisors
  • Introduction of WE CARE Information into OSDT Training Programs:  In 2014, The Office of Staff Development and Training (OSDT) developed an informational powerpoint presentation outlining the definition, purpose, mission, vision and current initiatives contained within the WE CARE philosophy. This presentation was inserted in all training programs (Basic, In-Service and Career Development) with special emphasis towards the Supervisory Training Programs (first line supervision, mid-level management and senior management) offered by OSDT.
  • During 2015 and continuing in 2016, Mr. James Gorham, WE CARE Committee Chairman, provides WE CARE presentations to management staff throughout the agency and various professional associations. 

Suggested Do's and Don'ts

  • Things A Supervisor Can Do For Direct Reports To Show Them (WE CARE)
  • Ask about family
  • Groom subordinates to be leaders
  • Recognize what is done well and pass this knowledge to senior management
  • Place team/group photos in office, breakroom, lobby of work location
  • Retirement ceremonies
  • List everyone you directly supervise & place each name on your calendar to call to wish a happy birthday/work anniversary
  • Come up with a criteria for person/employee of the month
  • Create a certificate and recognize that person at the monthly staff meeting
  • Implement an a,b,c,d, program: ABOVE & BEYOND the CALL of DUTY
  • Things Staff Would Like To Hear From Their Supervisors
  • Hey, how's your day?
  • Thanks for the good job you do.
  • Hope you have a great weekend!
  • Take time to understand I don't know everything yet
  • When they order out, include me
  • How are things going with the family?

• Employee Spotlight (more information will be available concerning this project beginning July 2016)

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