WE CARE Program Offerings

From Corrections Fatigue to Fulfillment Training Program (CF2F):

"From Corrections Fatigue to Fulfillment" (CF2F) Training Program was developed by Dr. Caterina Spinaris, Director of the Desert Waters Correctional Outreach (DWCO). The purpose of this voluntary class is to educate DACJJ staff about the subject of Corrections Fatigue & Corrections Fulfillment. Corrections Fatigue is defined as cumulative negative changes of corrections staff's personality, health, and functioning, and of the corrections workplace culture. The Corrections Fulfillment piece presents strategies for countering the effects of Corrections Fatigue, and equips staff to move toward professional fulfillment individually and as a workplace culture.

This (8) hour, end user training program is available monthly to all DACJJ employees at all OSDT Regional Training Centers and DPS Samarcand Training Academy. This curriculum is offered in specific versions for each of the key disciplines within DACJJ (Community Corrections, Juvenile Justice, and Prisons). Additional program information can be found here.

Question, Persuade and Refer (QPR) Gatekeeper Suicide Prevention Training Program:

The QPR Gatekeeper Suicide Prevention Training Program is a voluntary two-hour class instructed by Cardinal Healthcare Solutions and coordinated by the DPS Office of Staff Development and Training. The purpose of this training is to teach employees how to quickly recognize a mental health emergency with a family member or co-worker and how to get immediate help for the at-risk person. QPR training is offered statewide and is available to ALL DPS staff and approved volunteers.

This course is not required as part of annual in-service training nor does it have to be repeated. According to the Surgeon General's National Strategy for Suicide Prevention (2001), a gatekeeper is someone in a position to recognize a crisis and the warning signs that someone may be contemplating suicide. DPS employees interested in attending this training may register via the Learning Management System by conducting a keyword search using “QPR” to locate available training sessions. Additional program information can be found here.

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