Awards Committee Members

Members of senior management will identify a chairperson and nine committee members who represent a cross-section of the department. Each division will have at least one representative on the committee and one alternative.

Sections represented:

Chairperson (Office of the Secretary) Human Resources
Administration Medical Staff Certified Officers
National Guard Community Supervision
Sworn Officers (SCP/SHP) Court Counselors
Youth Development Centers Emergency Management








Criteria of Committee Members

  • Work performance in good standing
  • Work within division for at least 2 years
  • Strong knowledge of department and division mission and goals
  • Good judge of overall excellence
  • Exceptional problem-solving and interpersonal skills
  • Recognized as a leader

Committee members serve at least two years and no more than four years.     

DPS Awards Selection Committee Members

Section Committee Member / Alternate
Administration James Cheroke
Sworn Officers (SCP/SHP) Sgt. Drew King, SCP/
Fst. Sgt. Darrell Cavanaugh, SHP
Community Supervision Maggie Brewer
Certified Officers/Prisons Loris Sutton / Luann Roberts
Medical Staff / Health Services Karen Steinour/Anita Myers 
Emergency Management David Herlong
Youth Development Centers  
Court Counselors  
National Guard Laura S. Sprayberry
Chairperson / Secretary's Office Barbara Revels / Margaret Ekam
Human Resources Arlene Dawson / Kim Davis-Gore
SBI/ALE Christy Lanham


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