The Department of Public Safety is dedicated to promoting safe and healthful working conditions for all employees. The department is concerned with protecting employees from job-related injuries and health impairment; preventing accidents and fires; planning for emergencies and emergency medical procedures; identifying and controlling physical, chemical, and biological hazards in the workplace; communicating potential hazards to employees; and assuring adequate housekeeping and sanitation.

Each supervisor is responsible for providing safe working conditions for each subordinate, knowing safety and health guidelines, providing for employee's safety and health training, providing personal protective equipment, reporting and investigating accidents, advising management of any unsafe work environment(s) or condition(s) and effecting corrective actions and interim controls for hazardous work environments under their control.

Each employee is responsible to conduct his or her own work in a safe manner to protect him or herself, fellow employees and the public; make recommendations to improve safety and health in the workplace and notify the supervisor of any accident involving injury, illness or near-miss to him or herself or to others.

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