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Welcome to “ACTIVE FOR DUTY,” the Employee Wellness Program. Understanding your health and fitness levels is the key to improving your weight, blood pressure, abdominal girth, cholesterol levels and other dimensions of wellness.

The department hopes to provide a variety of programs that will help encourage healthy living habits, from diet and nutrition seminars to disease prevention and physical fitness expos.

Each division within the department has a wellness coordinator. These coordinators make up the Active For Duty Team, which is chaired by the special assistant to the secretary of the department. The team's mission is to promote healthy behaviors or lifestyle improvements in nutrition and physical fitness throughout the workforce.

Our mission will be promoted through ongoing intervention and educational programs, by encouraging employees to track physical and mental well-being, by promoting fun and inclusive programs in which all employees can participate, and by providing an inclusive community of support throughout the year.

Our vision is to help the Department of Public Safety demonstrate that we have the healthiest workforce in state government. This accomplishment will be measured by a reduction in the prevalence of cigarette smoking, improvements in abdominal girth, and improvements in stress management and mental well-being.

I hope you will participate in the programs that will be coming to a district office near you, and that you will contact us anytime you have questions or suggestions about our operations. As an employee of the department, YOU are our most precious resource. So take care of yourself and let's all hope for a happy, healthy, and disaster-free year!

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