Employee Assistance Program

The Department of Public Safety's Employee Assistance Program provides free and confidential help with personal issues, work-related problems and work-life balance matters.

EAP offers a variety of support programs to help increase personal and organizational productivity and is available to all employees and their immediate family.

You and your family members have access to:

  • Free, confidential help with personal or work-related problems
  • Up to three (3) free confidential counseling sessions
  • Referrals to other sources of assistance
  • 24-hour emergency coverage

How to Access 

888-298-3907 or (704) 717-5295

Call in and speak with an experienced, licensed counselor, or go to www.mygroup.com.  You can login to learn more about services and programs including free enrollment in the identity theft program, personal development, supervisor support, and so much more!

Click here to log in, and enter the user name and password below:

Password: guest

Confidentiality is an essential part of the EAP. No one in any position or leadership level at DPS will know of your participation in the services nor will anyone have access to any information without your consent. The only exception is when someone's safety is in question.

Access For Managers - contact Becki Johnson for the user name and password: Becki.johnson@ncdps.gov


Monthly Campaigns and Newsletters

The EAP offers monthly campaigns to raise awareness of various well-being and work-life issues.

The Employee Assistance Program supports healthy and productive employees.

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