Fixed Assets

Accounts Payable


Cash Management

Telephone and Electronic Devices


Mobile Electronic Communication Devices


Local Bank Account Management

Incentive Wage Fund

Inmate Work Release Fund

Canteen Operations

Treatment Facility Operating Funds

Transfer of Inmate Trust Fund to Local Savings Account

Emergency Leave

Inmate Trust Fund

Division Provided Items and Services

Central Welfare Fund

Job Orders and Construction

Reward Money

Control of Fire Arms

Release Procedures

Fire and Lightning Loss Insurance Claims

Meals Served Kitchen Inventories and Monthly Reports

Inmate Service Clubs

Inmate Labor Contracts

Employee Moving Expenses

Vehicle and Communications Control

Inmate Clothing

Inmate Liable Claims

Employee Personal Property Damage or Theft Claims

Bedding and Linen Items

Disposition of Assets of Deceased Inmates

Employee Uniforms

Gift Policy

Fuel Reimbursement

Contract Monitoring Requirements

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