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North Carolina Identity

To create a North Carolina Identity (NCID, go to

Password tip:  When you choose a password, click on password help.  Your password needs to be at least eight characters long and include a symbol.

Employee ID versus NCID

As the BEACON project team has been informing state employees about the new system, there has been some confusion regarding the differences between an Employee ID number and an employee's NCID. Following is information to help employees understand these differences.

Employee ID The Employee ID is an eight-digit number that is generated and assigned to each state employee by the North Carolina Retirement Systems when that employee begins state service. It is designed to help phase out the use of Social Security Numbers as a means of identification for security purposes.

Employees in BEACON-impacted agencies will use this number to identify themselves when calling the BEACON Enterprise Support Team (BEST) Shared Services Center.

Example of an Employee ID for Suzy Q. Carolina: 27488269

NCID The NCID is a means of identification allowing state employees access to various systems. The Office of Information Technology (ITS) oversees the NCID program. Employees in BEACON-impacted agencies will use the NCID to access the BEACON Portal.

Your NCID may be a combination of your first and last name, your first and middle initial and last name, or some other combination depending on the frequency with which your name appears among state government employees.

Example of an NCID for Suzy Q. Carolina: sqcarolina




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