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Online/Blended Module Delivery

DPS Human Resources has released a new version of the New Employee Orientation (NEO) program. If your division has elected to deploy the online version of the NEO program, the DPS HR – New Employee Orientation curriculum will be assigned to the new employee's transcript in the Learning Management System (LMS).  

The NEO curriculum consists of nine (9) online modules that could take up to four (4) hours to complete. The DPS HR – New Employee Orientation modules include:

  1. DPS NEO: Module 1 – General Information
  2. DPS NEO: Module 2 – Human Resources Payroll System
  3. DPS NEO: Module 3 – Benefits
  4. DPS NEO: Module 4 – Policy Information
  5. DPS NEO: Module 5 – Professional Standards & Conduct
  6. DPS NEO: Module 6 – Performance Management
  7. DPS NEO: Module 7 – Disciplinary Action & Grievances
  8. DPS NEO: Module 8 – Workplace Safety & Health
  9. DPS NEO: Module 9 – Information Technology/MIS

Classroom Delivery

If your division has elected to continue the instructor lead NEO program, instructors will use the online modules assigned to them as teaching material. The NEO lesson plan is also assigned to instructors in the LMS.

If you are a new instructor of New Employee Orientation and require this material, contact James Weston, LMS Administrator, james.weston@ncdps.gov, (919) 457-1235.

DPS New Employee Orientation Manual


Job Aids
How to Access and Complete New Employee Orientation

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