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Performance Management Overview

The goal of Performance Management is to link individual and group objectives to our organizational mission and goals. It is a collaborative, on-going process between a supervisor and an employee to plan for, monitor, develop, and evaluate an employee's work.

Our performance management program promotes continual communication between supervisors and employees about tasks and performance which fosters a more productive, motivated, and results focused workforce.

Effective July 1, 2015 the State of North Carolina will begin a new Performance Management System called Valuing Individual Performance (VIP).  More information can be found on this new system at:

Below is a summary of the changes to the new process:

  1. The rating scale will now be a 3-level rating scale:
    • Exceeds Expectations
    • Meets Expectations
    • Does not Meet Expectations
  2. A Performance Management Technology tool will be used for the administration of the Performance Management Process
  3. Every employee's work plan will be comprised of 3-5 goals related to their job and position responsibilities. There will also be specific tasks documented related to the employee's goals. Goals will comprise 50% of the overall performance rating.
  4. Every employee will have values as part of their work plan.  2-4 values will be determined and assigned by the Office of State Human Resources to all state employees.  Up to 5 additional values will be assigned by DPS executive leadership to all DPS Employees.  These values will comprise 50% of the overall annual performance rating. 
  5. The performance cycle will begin on July 1 and end June 30 of each year, beginning July 1, 2015.

The handout for the HR - Introduction to NCVIP for Managers and Supervisors can be accessed here.


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