Smart Commuting

The gas price hike after Hurricane Katrina caused all of us to pause and consider how to conserve energy.  The single largest use of gasoline for most of us is our daily commute to work.  Carpooling can save us more than just our limited fuel and money, it can also free up our commute time for reading, napping, conversation or some other relaxing activity.

Share the Ride NC has a website set up to let you quickly find other commuters with similar commutes and work hours.  In addition to carpooling, Share the Ride NC has links to other valuable resources on biking, vanpooling, and regional and state transportation services.

Triangle residents may find additional useful information at

Everyone can use:  State Transit information

All Department of Public Safety Employees are encouraged to take action to control spiraling fuel costs by finding the carpooling solution that best meets their needs.

Best Workplaces for Commuters


Best Workplaces Toolkit for Employers




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